Through the viewfinder and back
  • streetiphoneography:

    So…the lovely people’s at instagram kindly put me on their suggested user list for the second time. It’s been a busy few weeks keeping up with it all but I haven’t forgotten you all here :)

    I’m headed to LA in 6 sleeps time (yes, I am totally counting!) and when I get back, I’ll catch up with all that I’ve missed!

    Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

    ~ Jo

  • colin-vian:

     Ancient Sea - Cody Hooper

  • colin-vian:

     Max Ernst ~ Happy Moon, 1970

  • jeromeof:

    The Concert in the Egg - Hieronymus Bosch

    (via colin-vian)

  • colin-vian:

      Nocturn Sun - James McNeill Whistler

  • Photo by © Rudy Boyer

  • Art by Chiara Fucà

  • Taken from the forthcoming Flexizine (7” flexidisc record and 20 page zine) Fifths, to be released 28th July 2014.